Home truths

5 Mar

There’s a fast expanding universe of content, but still the same 24 hours in a day. So how to cope with information overload? One approach is to use more sophisticated search. Another is to rely on syndication. But what about serendipity?

Karen Russell, a fellow PR educator, is providing a weekly roundup of good sources for PR students. Intelligent selection is a great answer to information overload.

From today’s pick, let me point out John Wagner’s post about Generation Me. I won’t pass comment except to say that this is how it looks to me too.

3 Responses to “Home truths”

  1. Heather Yaxley 06/03/2007 at 11:42 am #

    Withough wanting to be too “grumpy old woman” about “young people today”, I wonder how much of the Generation Me effect is connected to the first part of your post.
    As educators, I fear some of us do too much for students. Does the provision of helpful notes, online resources, marking guidelines, personal feedback, and the opportunity to submit drafts, contribute towards a lack of “falling on your bum first” learning?
    Also, I wonder if modern children haven’t become too skilled at training adults. In China, I understand it is called the Little Emperor syndrome.

  2. Richard Bailey 06/03/2007 at 12:12 pm #

    Good points, Heather. It probably doesn’t help that this discussion is taking place in what I describe as ‘me media’.
    MEdium is the MEssage. Ouch.

  3. Karen Russell 07/03/2007 at 6:07 pm #

    Heather, it’s funny you should bring this up because just yesterday I read a post called “Questioning the Best Learning Technology” (http://amps-tools.mit.edu/tomprofblog/archives/2007/03/781_questioning.html#more) that talks about what students expect and how technology can enable poor teaching and learning– basically they want it all handed to them, and it’s easier to do that than to force them to think for themselves.
    Of course this gave me pause given I’d just started my new weekly list. But on further review, I’ve decided that I think it’s worth doing. My purpose is to expose students to a variety of views and ideas in the hope that they’ll dig a little deeper– follow the links, read the comments, see what other people are saying, maybe even join in the conversation themselves. Some may take the easy way out and read only the posts, but even that’s better than nothing!

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