Great GNER moments

8 Mar

As I settled into my seat after my meetings in London, I had a quick look around but didn’t register any familiar faces.

‘Richard?’ asked a voice opposite, who reminded me she’d been on the CIPR Diploma course at our university a couple of years before. She told me about her accelerating career and that she was returning from an interview with her dream employer. At this point her phone registered a missed call. She decided to return the call.

I turned back to my newspaper but couldn’t help hearing that the job offer was being made, followed by a negotiation over her already-booked leave for a honeymoon. The circumstances called for some buffet car champagne, and the journey to York raced by.

That’s my greatest GNER moment, surpassing the evening when I was offered a free upgrade to first class (one of our MA students was pushing the trolley). WiFi’s good; but the opportunity to meet people is even better. You can’t do that in a queue on the M1.

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