PR Studies is my personal blog about public relations. I’m a public relations educator (teaching at universities and training practitioners), but the views and interests articulated here are personal, not those of my institution nor of my colleagues.

In the 1980s I wrote about business and technology for a magazine based in London and New York. In the 1990s I worked in PR management specialising in the technology sector. In the 2000s I’ve been focusing on PR education and training.

I read widely, but only pay out of my own pocket for two periodicals: The Economist and Private Eye. I am independent of political or commercial interests though I support free markets and view myself as a social liberal.


This is an independent, non-commercial site. I strive for accuracy (within the constraints of an instant publishing medium), and will correct any inaccuracies that I become aware of. I credit sources through quotations and hyperlinks – and request that PR Studies should in turn be credited as a source.

I link to sites that we find useful and relevant to our interest in public and media relations. Yet I do not endorse or control the content of external websites. I strive to keep links up to date, but request help in alerting me to changed addresses.

Issues or complaints should be made to: rbailey@pobox.com

Comments, trackbacks and email

I make it easy to comment, challenge or contact me. But I also need to guard against off-subject or offensive postings or comments.

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