That old chestnut

19 Oct

In-house or consultancy? It’s an age-old discussion that particularly interests public relations students and those beginning their PR careers. (There’s a chicken-and-egg quality to some discussions about which is best for gaining experience and advancing a career.)

Paull tackled this question recently at the excellent Forward blog. Now Anon has made a contribution at Profile Extra (‘I personally prefer the creativity, variety and high level environment of consultancy’ he/she writes). Why remain anonymous when your comments are this anodyne?

I’m inviting contributions to Behind the Spin magazine which is taking a look at the public relations consultancy business in the next issue. Anonymous contributions will not be published.

One Response to “That old chestnut”

  1. Heather Yaxley 19/10/2006 at 4:06 pm #

    Anonymous submissions are like students whispering at the back of class or gossips who shut up when you walk past. It is ignorant and rude. Especially in the world of PR where there is a need to be open and transparent. If it is true that just 1% of people online are creators and 89% are silent lurkers, the other 10% who do contribute should be prepared to put their name to their views. It might force them to say something interesting.

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