Networkers of the world, unite!

19 Oct

Clickerty, clack; clackerty click. (That’s the sound of sixty hands blogging). So why do people come together to blog? They come to learn from others (and above all from Stuart). And they come to connect.

There’s a whole arsenal of tools that can help with online connectedness (links, comments, trackbacks, search and the rest). For the most part, they only replicate the things that we naturally do. And a roomful of public relations practitioners contains some natural networkers. So let me praise Rachel, Victoria and Simon among others. (I’m comfortable with the blogging thing, but have admitted elsewhere that I’m a poor networker.)

Physician, heal thyself! Lecturer, learn some lessons…

2 Responses to “Networkers of the world, unite!”

  1. Simon 20/10/2006 at 9:07 am #

    You didn’t seem to bad last night, Richard. I spotted you first(!) but was engaged talking to a couple of former colleagues.
    I suppose the trick is not to do the insulting thing of excusing yourself from current networkees because you’ve seen someone you really want to talk to. The one exception p[erhaps is if they’re patently leaving. But then always re-find who you left to apologise and carry on the conversation!

  2. Eventualities 21/10/2006 at 8:45 am #

    A Different Class

    We could probably have filled the room twice for the CIPR blogging workshop at Leeds Metropolitan University last night. In fact the event proved so popular we had to disable the online booking facility on our website a week ago.
    People are incr…

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