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IPR’s anti-spin too

12 Aug

The IPR’s director general, Colin Farrington, gave a considered interview to ePolitix on the government spin issue. It’s published on Channel 4 News. Although Colin is not one to go for cheap sound bytes, he did say that Labour’s PR had become too aggressive and that Alastair Campbell should go:

That’s why in the autumn he should go quietly – if it’s possible to go quietly – and take a new career path.

Later update: Here‘s Colin Farrington’s letter, published in The Times, elaborating on this argument.

Anti-spin allies

10 Aug

It’s not that surprising that a journalist should campaign against spin, though it’s notable when it takes the form of a soon-to-launch anti-spin website. But he’s picked a surprising ally in Anne Gregory, president-elect of the IPR and Britain’s only professor of public relations. Patrick Weever explains what’s going on in today’s Observer newspaper.