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The five minute warning

14 Mar

I’m at Euroblog 2008 in Brussels, with two points to make. The first was the need for SAS (short attention span) communications in education and in public relations. The second was made by my co-presenter Helena Makhotlova: the emergence of ‘ME learning’ (mobile, electronic and about me, me, me).

But the one thing anyone remembers is our calculation of the attention span of a digital native. Five minutes… Time’s up.

PRET a reporter

11 Jan

Bagraduation07 I’m starting work on the new issue of Behind the Spin (print and online editions) – and intend to cover developments in Public Relations education and training (PRET). So, I’m looking for news of:

  • New courses
  • Conferences
  • Appointments
  • Accreditations
  • Publications

We’ll also be commissioning reviews (of books, training courses, degree programmes) and profiles (of academics and trainers).