Virtual virtuoso

17 May

virtualvirtuosoI picked up a gong last night. Now, bragging’s not charming and two awards in two days might be pushing my luck.

But the inaugural Golden Robes awards 2013 were special: these are awards made by students at an event organised by the students’ union. The loudest applause of the night went to Barry Galawan, a member of the security staff, who won a ‘hidden hero’ award.

I was presented with ‘virtual virtuoso’ in another alliterative category. The citation mentioned a social media stunt in a class before Christmas. It also referred to the opportunities I give for students to get published on Behind the Spin.

All evening, the phrase ‘over and above’ was mentioned in the context of academic and support staff who have done their utmost to help students.

So it’s perhaps unsurprising that no mention was made in the citation about teaching in the area of digital and social media. This year, I’ve shared teaching with Stuart Bruce on one undergraduate and two postgraduate modules. Though I say it myself, I think our teaching is fresh, innovative and embracing of academic and practitioner perspectives. I don’t apologise if it’s also challenging. I think this (not me) is a worthy winner!

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