The Halloween theory of social media

22 Oct

Halloween Boo! Not very scary, but perhaps a bit attention-grabbing.

Here's my Halloween theory developed from observation of various classes and courses over the last few years.

Young people aren't very supersticious – typically being action-orientated rather than reflective – and so they often need scaring.

There's a big, bad world out there (really?) and you need to consider the boundary between public and private (why?). In short, we have to remind them to 'think before jumping in.'

With mid career practitioners (and older), the constraints and criticisms are already apparent.

They have a hundred reasons ready why not to do something – and will sometimes miss the one compelling reason to take action. They don't need scaring, they need encouraging.

Social media may be scary – but so's life. The really scary thing is letting it slip by. Sure there are risks in taking action. But there are also risks in inaction.

Photo: by euart on Flickr (Creative Commons)

2 Responses to “The Halloween theory of social media”

  1. Corinne150pr 24/10/2010 at 1:46 pm #

    Hi Richard
    Guess I’m one of the ‘and older’s you refer to above. I’m jumping in, and trying it out – not scared …. or superstitious!. Corinne (

  2. Heather Yaxley 27/10/2010 at 4:54 pm #

    Surely there is a point in life when you cease to be scared and don’t give a rat’s tail for being sensible and considered? I think in social media terms, it is often those with a bit more life experience who are prepared to be adventurous, engage in discussion and reach out to new people.
    I think that younger people can in fact, often be more cautious and tend to stick to what and who they know in social media.

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