Summertime, when the learning is easy

25 Jul

Feedly It's late July. I've noticed people apologise when contacting me in case they're interrupting my holiday. So what do educators do when the students have left?

I'm not taking much official holiday (for one week at the start of September I'll be off-grid: staying on an island with no electricity, no running water, no mobile phone signal, no shops…). But life certainly does slow down in the summer and there's scope for more spontaneity as the mood and the weather allow.

There's still work to be done. The undergraduates may have left, but postgraduates and professionals still need supervising and assessing. For the tutors, the deadlines never end.

But there is more time for reading and thinking. I've just read Clay Shirky's Cognitive Surplus and Lucy Laville and Neil Richardson's Develop Your PR Skills. I'm looking through the new third edition of Anne Gregory's Planning and Managing Public Relations Campaigns and the newly-published Yahoo! Style Guide and I'm catching up with Communication Power by Manuel Castells.

Online there are new tools to try and skills to learn. HootSuite has been my preferred social media dashboard for a while but Feedly looks a promising way to gather and display news, blog posts and tweets (see screenshot above).

I'm up-to-date with submissions to Behind the Spin – so am keen to receive more contributions from any students and graduates not on the beach. We welcome summaries of your dissertations and are also publishing tales of graduate job-seeking struggles and successes.

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