State of the blogosphere 2009

19 Oct

Technorati's annual report is available here. What's happening to blogging now the chatter's all on Twitter and the buzz is on social networks?

We tend to be eduated, male, middle aged and affluent. Then there's the rise of the professional blogger, though in the past year Steve Rubel has defected from blogging to 'lifestreaming'. As he explains:

'Lifestreaming to date has meant aggregating all of one's streams at a single point. This was the value of Friendfeed. However, it's evolving to mean using a hub as a launching point for your content, syndicating it out to your "spokes" (eg the social networks where one chooses to engage) and then conversing about it in both locations.'

One Response to “State of the blogosphere 2009”

  1. Caroline Wilson 21/10/2009 at 7:57 pm #

    mmm I had noticed that since I got round to going on Facebook and had a look at a few other networking sites I’m blogging less. Even though the other sites are for different stuff. There is only so much time I want to spend staring at a screen.
    My kids don’t have such limited capacity.

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