Opportunties with Behind the Spin

25 Sep


It's the start of a new university year – and time to tell you what's happening with Behind the Spin, the CIPR-supported PR student magazine.

We always welcome news and articles of interest to our readers, and are particularly inviting contributions on the following themes:

  • Placement year experiences
  • Celebrities and public relations
  • PR courses

Contact me (editor@behindthespin.com) as soon as possible if you're interested: articles on these themes will be published through October. Looking further ahead, there are some forward features listed on the About page.

Note the opportunity next year for a guest editor (or guest editorial team) to decide the content, commission articles and help with the editing process.

We're also looking for a news editor to manage the News page. I can tell you more about the role, but it's a good opportunity to learn more about how the PR business works and to network with practitioners and other universities.

I'll be discussing all this when I meet the new CIPR student reps in London on 4 November.

One Response to “Opportunties with Behind the Spin”

  1. Ben Cotton 11/10/2009 at 8:47 pm #

    I would recommend any PR student to consider writing an article for Behind the Spin. It is a great opportunity to think more about an industry issue, improve your writing skills and get something published.
    I wrote an article that required me to conduct research with senior PR practitioners – the contacts that I made have already started to benefit my career and I’m sure will continue to do so.

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