The economics of news

17 May

I'm sure David Phillips will enjoy this (he's been defending the internet from the attacks of media pundits only today).

John Naughton's usual column is missing from today's print edition of The Observer. There's a small note to say it's available online instead (a suitable place, you might think, for a column about technology). I'm sure it was moved for reasons of space… until I read it. The column's about the problems facing the newspaper industry, including the issue of charging for content online and the difficulties even Rupert Murdoch will experience in moving to a paid-for model for online news.

Surely this can't have displeased the section editor? Will Naughton mind he's been exiled to cyberia?

One Response to “The economics of news”

  1. David Phillips 18/05/2009 at 10:24 am #

    It is odd that the 20th century mindset is so prevalent in larger companies.
    I wonder if News Corp will examine the value of relationships, user generated brand values and the long tail versus the lonely monk in a walled garden.
    The result could be revolutionary.
    Imagine the skill of a seasoned journalist in the hands of the commons. Imagine the media archives available to all. Imagine the local shop keeper in the editor’s chair printing off ten copies releasing a Near Field Podcast slipped to your phone as you buy your coffee.
    Now THAT would be valuable.

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