Dissertation research process simplified

3 May

Research FunnelHere's a diagram I used on Friday to simplify the research process for those conducting small, structured academic research projects.

This group are beginning their CIPR Diploma projects, but the approach comes from talking to many undergraduate students about their dissertations.

What's needed, I suggest, is a topic that's broad enough for there to be an existing body of literature. And a research question that's narrow enough for the student to be able to attempt to answer it.

The literature review is an account of what others have written on the topic; the research methodology outlines the approach you are going to take to answer your question.

One Response to “Dissertation research process simplified”

  1. Kevin O'Hare 07/05/2009 at 6:08 pm #

    As someone about to start on a MSc dissertation I also agree that any advice is always welcome. As someone who has few academic leanings this is not something I’m looking forward to taking on. However, you make it seem so easy. I hope it is going to be that straightforward.

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