Anti-social networks

14 Mar

Remember when Saturday was a day dedicated to crowd activities: shopping, football matches, big night out?

Well, I'm exhausted from the week (and not that gregarious at the best of times) and Gail has returned from the desert with a cold.

So the best I can do is catch up on virtual social networks:

  • Facebook remains a good place for photo sharing; I agree with Bill Sledzik that it's primarily a social network, not a place for work (and not somewhere most students would want to meet their lecturers) 
  • LinkedIn has gained some good new applications and has renewed purpose in a recession (it's the place for professional networking) – but I find few compelling reasons to return beyond accepting connection requests
  • PROpenMic is the best place for a discussion of current public relations issues and has become a good aggregator of blog content; it's now approaching it's first anniversary – and 4,000 members 

There are many more networks too: blogs, online magazines, various email accounts, twitter, virtual learning environments, wikis, mobile phone and so on.  Unique among them, I still view my news reader as a time saver, not a time waster. I think it's time to turn off.

One Response to “Anti-social networks”

  1. Neena Biswal 03/04/2009 at 2:25 pm #

    Hii Richard,
    I agree to what you your blog. The virtual world is pushing us to nothing but in to a lonely planet where ‘me and my world’ pretends to remain happy!! The so called social networks is good to be connected but in reality it does not have any purpose to our lives!!

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