The death of subs

19 Nov

PrapersusasiveindustryI’m enjoying Trevor Morris and Simon Goldwsworthy’s new book on PR (‘PR is perhaps the ultimate postmodern industry. No one knows what it really is, but it sounds interesting!’)

The authors have an easy style and theirs is a lively, intelligent – but not academic – style of writing. A review should follow soon at Behind the Spin.

But having paid £25 for a new hardback, I’m dismayed by the number of proofing errors. Here’s the third one I noticed in the first 25 pages, quoted in full:

"Subeditors become an costly luxury."

Evidently, as Carrie would say in Sex and the City (a programme frequently cited by the authors).

One Response to “The death of subs”

  1. paul baker 19/11/2008 at 8:58 pm #

    I too have been startled by lax proofreading standards recently, even in the case of some titles published by major houses.

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