We’re hiring again

23 Oct

In the week the Governor of the Bank of England and the Prime Minister mentioned the R word, I’m still concerned with recruitment. We took on two colleagues in the summer to deliver our new BA Journalism degree, we’ve already hired one lecturer on a one-year contract and we now need another. Our public relations and communications teaching team now has around 14 members.

Universities are not immune to the wider economy, but they work on different cycles. Student numbers overall are still increasing, and Master’s courses are growing in popularity. Recruiting students from outside the EU helps with income, as does research and consultancy work.

One of our star researchers has gained public funds for a one-year research project, so we’re looking to replace her. We welcome applications from practitioners, but we need someone with a strong interest in theoretical concepts for this post. Here‘s the advertisement on the university website.

A one-year post might suit someone returning to university lecturing or looking to make the transition into the sector full time. Please contact me if you’d like to discuss this informally, but do avoid the telephone while we resolve the problems with our new IP phones…

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