Publish, then filter

19 Oct

John Naughton celebrates an approximate tenth anniversary of blogging in his Observer column. (I’m a newbie who started blogging elsewhere in 2001, though PR Studies has only been going for five years.)

He quotes Andrew Sullivan who sees blogging as a new literary genre and Clay Shirky who sees it as the mass amateurisation of publishing: ‘publish, then filter’.

One Response to “Publish, then filter”

  1. Sarah Gillingwater 20/10/2008 at 12:03 am #

    I saw this too Richard, but am I the only one who was a bit annoyed that there were only two links in the piece? Maybe he was trying to be postmodern, but I kept trying to click on words to find out more, before realising Naughton hadn’t hyperlinked them. Or maybe I’m just being lazy. After all, if I can’t be bothered to type ‘Salon’ into Google, then maybe I’m not the kind of audience they’re looking for…

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