Planespotting high flyers

9 Jul

PR Week is again seeking to identify and name 29 PR high flyers under the age of 29. Don’t ask me why it’s 29, not 30.

It’s a good idea, though. Careers in PR often start young and climb high quickly (didn’t Matthew Freud sell his consultancy for the first time when he was around 30?). And success can become self-fulfilling.

Tech PR consultant and blogger Drew Benvie was named a few years ago. And in another field, Granta’s list of ‘Best of the Young British Novelists’ from 25 years ago now looks stunning in retrospect. Martin Amis, Pat Barker, Julian Barnes, William Boyd, Kazuo Ishiguru, Ian McKeown, Salman Rushdie are among many other now-famous names on the list.

So if you can think of someone worthy of this attention, please nominate them before 25 July. I’ll be curious to see if any PR graduates make it onto the list (there are several of our graduates in the PR Week Power Book).

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