Supply and demand

10 Jun

It’s my biggest fear professionally: that we’ll continue to supply more graduates than the economy can absorb. But we’re not there yet.

Even though we have left the long period of high growth coupled with low inflation for more uncertain times, I’m still aware of plenty of work/placement/graduate career opportunities (I post several of them here). Sometimes there are job vacancies and no candidates applying for them (demand exceeding supply).

We’ve had 74 PR students out on year-long paid work placements this past academic year. I’ve visited placement students at Airbus (Bristol), Arsenal FC, Intel (Munich), O2, Panasonic, Robert Bosch, South Yorkshire Police, Virgin Radio and at various consultancies in the UK and The Gulf. Employers have very good things to say about these students.

It has to be the ideal combination: a degree, plus work experience within an established organisation.

3 Responses to “Supply and demand”

  1. David Phillips 11/06/2008 at 10:38 am #

    I think that the sands are shifting a bit. There is a huge demand for online capability and with that goes a need for quite robust strategic thinking.
    On the client side this is quite hard and for a youngster straight out of University its difficult to insist on a broad view of communication.
    In house, there is a tendency to always think in mass communications terms and the world has moved on.
    In the agencies, the milch cow of press relations still has power (even though print as a medium is in such difficulty)
    I am quite excited at the change and at the rate of change and just hope today’s students can cope with the effects of change.
    Then they will be in even greater demand.

  2. Richard Bailey 11/06/2008 at 4:22 pm #

    Well said, David. ‘Coping with the effects of change’ – this should be the purpose of higher education.

  3. Anderson Lima 12/06/2008 at 1:48 am #

    I just came back from a media conference, loads of press officers, head of communications and PR old dogs professionals struggling to come to terms with the new risky media environment(citizen journalism is a swear word there). BBC folks were talking about the huge need for editorial work and opportunity for on-line professionals. I agree with you Richard. We have to get rid of old paradigms, young people are well positioned to think new and ready to embrace tomorrow’s new paradigms! I wish more in our course would be based on these new paradigms.

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