Open source marking: measuring student blogs

22 May

Technorati 32 blogs over three and a half months. Hundreds of posts, comments, links, loads of statistics. Which are the useful measures when it comes to putting a cold number down on paper?

Google PageRank is too crude, though there was a scale – from 0 to 3. Alexa has little to say about novice blogs. A count of posts and comments is useful: generally speaking, a blog with 20 posts is better than one with 10. 100 comments are better than 20 (though it’s really not ethical to post fake comments on your own blog: you know who you are.)

I had been reading these blogs as they developed over the weeks, and of course had my own subjective views on which to base an assessment. But I was still seeking a simple, objective measure to validate my view. And I found it.

Technorati‘s count of ‘blog reactions’ was the single best (simple, powerful) measure of how well a blog had engaged in the conversation. Among this student class, there was a high of 26 and a low of 3; blogs with more than 10 reactions were above average.

My blog has 403 reactions – rather C list when compared with star turns like Neville Hobson (1,767 reactions). (These figures will change.) Teacher – mark thyself!

3 Responses to “Open source marking: measuring student blogs”

  1. Anderson Lima 23/05/2008 at 11:27 pm #

    So, You got our info off Technorati then?! Good to know that. If I understood right the highest reaction was 26 and the lowest 3??? I’ve got my Technorati account now, i wish I knew that before hand, well it’s never too late to start even to one as low as 15… lot to go if I want to get as high as 403 never mind 1767!!!

  2. Elif Esiyok 24/05/2008 at 6:47 pm #

    I heard about Technorati now and I check mine and I am happy šŸ™‚ Mr. Bailey semester has finished but still we continue to learn from you. I know that there are many many things that we will learn in future…

  3. Tor Martin Nilsen 27/05/2008 at 11:46 am #

    Checked Technorati out now and got my self a account, but as Anderson mentioned: should have looked into it earlier!

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