Festivals, events, apostrophes

14 May

Cliftonbridge_3 Here’s a graduate opportunity I recommend in Bristol (good people, great place). I’ve posted the details on my jobs and placements page.

This is an excellent opportunity to take on diverse and challenging role, working across a wide variety of the accounts, liaising with clients and the press, visiting festivals, events and exhibitions on behalf of our clients.

Festivals, events and exhibitions. Sounds fun. So please note this:

Candidates must have good writing skills… and knowledge of the use of apostrophes definitely preferred.

The emphasis is mine, but the words are the employer’s. Think of apostrophes (here’s another one) as bridges linking two separate words. Sometimes, the lack of an apostrophe can change the meaning; but a lack of apostrophes always shows a lack of attention to detail. It matters…

Photo of Clifton Suspension Bridge by ktvyeow posted to Flickr

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