Networking is working

26 Apr

My taxi driver in Bracknell yesterday was noticing a downturn in the local IT-driven economy, though I tried my best to help out by shuttling between Bracknell and Slough visiting placement students and their employers.

Here’s one thing I noticed: you can view it as a downturn if you like; I view it as good business sense. One student was managing highly competent trade and technical media relations for a division of a large organisation. This student is paid more-or-less £1,000 a month. 15 years ago, I was a senior consultant (ie account director) with a PR consultancy in Slough specialisting in the technology sector. We aspired to charge our clients more-or-less £1,000 a day. For highly competent trade and technical media relations. Spot the difference?

Now I’m back I’ve posted several new vacancies on my jobs and placements web page. One came via email from a university colleague; one via email from Heather Yaxley, who is well connected in the motor industry through involvement in MIPAA; one via Andrew Smith to a Facebook group; one via Paull Young to a PROpenMic group. These are some of my networks; they’re proving useful.

Take a look. One requires evidence of an ability to ‘form relationships with online communities (this could include blogs, message boards, social networks and other emerging web communities)’. Another describes their expertise in this way: ‘We’re media relations experts, brand guardians, copywriters, event managers, social media gurus and marketing strategists.’

We may be in for a period of readjustment (note how another job is full-time, but temporary), but change creates opportunities. Good luck.

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  1. Richard Millington 26/04/2008 at 10:56 am #

    Steve Rubel made a good post yesterday about 3 emerging communications careers. Worth a read:

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