On comments and conversations

12 Apr

So, you’ve started a blog. Why not manage expectations by establishing your house rules (here’s an example from Wolfstar Consultancy)?

One of the most important considerations is how to handle, and encourage, comments. Karen Russell offers a useful primer.

And here’s a superb example of blog-as-conversation (or rather, as blogging as the new public sphere.) First came the thesis: Brendan Cooper’s claim that we should get over our squeamishness about ghostwritten blogs. Next was the antithesis: Simon Collister’s defence of the importance of trust. Finally, the synthesis. The discussion has continued in the comments on Brendan and Simon’s posts (over 20 comments in total).

If there’s anything as important, lively and dynamic being discussed in any academic PR forum today then I’d love to be made aware of it. Two impressive practitioners from two heavyweight consultancies debating an important issue in public, with some significant contributions from around the world (Gerry McCusker, Doc Searls, David Jones, Ian Green, Stuart Bruce and many others). Good stuff: now who said blogging’s dead?

3 Responses to “On comments and conversations”

  1. Gerry McCusker 15/04/2008 at 4:00 am #

    Ta for flagging this Richard; a good ‘2-way comms’ example of how practitioners from the same field can all see the same topic from very different angles. Best, Gerry.


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