Some readings for Monday

8 Feb

Proper academics like to quote learned journal articles. Improper ones like me often provide hyperlinks to online articles and contributions.

One theme (for another day) is whether the rigid distinction between traditional, peer-reviewed academic publishing and every other published form is tenable anymore. After all, Tim Berners-Lee had academics in mind when he created the shared information space known as the World Wide Web. Now that blogging makes personal publishing possible, the reality has at last caught up with his vision.

So this week’s topic is the contribution of ‘digital natives’ to new forms of public relations and communications. Read the views of Professor Neville Hobson in the learned Bulldog Reporter journal.

The source for the Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants concept (here’s part two) is ‘visionary, consultant, author, speaker, inventor, game designer, learning designer and futurist’ Marc Prensky. It is indeed a wonderful world online.

2 Responses to “Some readings for Monday”

  1. Jan Felt 12/02/2008 at 1:00 am #

    Thank you very much for posting the readings. I wish there were more of them like that. I am a Communication and Mass Media student at UNYP, and probably a hybrid between a digital immigrant and a native. However, I have noticed that most of my classmates are indeed the natives, which causes some of our teachers to go through the roof. It is apparent that a redesign of our system is needed very much. I will try to forward these readings to some of the more open minded professors; and hope it helps in the long run.
    Thanks for inspiration!

  2. Richard Bailey 12/02/2008 at 9:27 am #

    Thanks for the comment, Jan. The suggestion that any academic could be less than open minded is a worrying one.
    Surely we’re in this business for the love of ideas and the constant learning that goes on. Learning doesn’t just happen in academic environments (journals, textbooks, lecture theatres). Blogs can be a good tool for learning, too.

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