My week in media

7 Jan

I’ve been tagged by Simon Wakeman. Since I’m indebted to him (he’s setting up the online edition of Behind the Spin magazine), here goes. This is my week in media, January 1-6 2008.

What I’ve read

  • The Economist (essential weekly reading)
  • The Observer (favourite columnists include Andrew Rawnsley on politics, John Naughton on technology and Simon Caulkin on management – he makes his column sound rather like a blog…)
  • Double Fault by Lionel Shriver (tennis as a metaphor for marital strife)
  • God’s Architect – the new biography of Pugin
  • Lonely Planet and Insight guides to Oman / Arabia (I’m going there next week)

What I’ve listened to

What I’ve watched

  • My television highlight was Andy Murray winning the ATP tennis title in Doha (British Eurosport)
  • Lots of news: usually BBC or Channel 4, but sometimes Al-Jazeera for a different perspective

What I’ve surfed

  • RSS feeds (in Google Reader) – though it still felt like a holiday week
  • Travel and currency conversion websites
  • I’ve lived vicariously watching so many New Year’s Eve party photos appearing on Facebook (me, I prefer to stay at home – that way I’ve avoided the flu and the vomiting bug…)

I’ve probably understated my television and radio consumption: radio is always on in the car and in the kitchen. But this list has reminded me how much I still value print. Thank you, Simon. Rather than tagging others, why don’t you pick up the baton (after all, you’ve read this far)?

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