In praise of free-dom

28 Nov

Free markets work because of the profit motive. But there’s true freedom in exchanges that aren’t governed by big organisations or money:

  • Freelances are free from a single boss and a rigid routine
  • Open source software is given freely – for the good of it
  • Most bloggers are making a free contribution, without any immediate payback
  • My students give some of their time and energy in order to gain work experience
  • Voluntary work is usually a win-win-win situation
  • A town in Devon is pioneering a community currency to encourage local exchanges
  • No one I have approached to contribute in some way to Behind the Spin magazine has said ‘no’, and there’s no money on the table (yet)

The most compelling argument in Naomi Klein’s No Logo (2001) is of the privatisation of the public sphere. But it seems that there’s life in the public, voluntary and community sphere.

One Response to “In praise of free-dom”

  1. John Rogers 29/11/2007 at 2:52 pm #

    Community Currency is a great idea and it works. There have been thousands of experiments worldwide over the last few decades. Many have failed. A few have succeeded brilliantly. What we are doing now is to refine our design and organising methodology to ensure greater sustainability of more systems. The new Community Currency Design Manual will be available next year. We have what we need, if we use what we have. John Rogers, Value for People

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