French lessons

15 Nov

Let me praise Robert French of Auburn University for his pioneering work on PR student blogs and portfolios. We’re introducing online portfolios too, as an alternative to the physical document. Here are some links to help you get started:

5 Responses to “French lessons”

  1. Katie Matthews 15/11/2007 at 10:36 am #

    Is there any evidence that online portfolios work, by which I mean actually get looked at?
    I like the idea of the ‘paper’ copy but the number times I’ve dragged it half way across London, for it to be thrown in a cupboard before the interview.
    I wonder if we all change to online versions will they ever be seen by employers and therefore only useful as a University module.

  2. Sarah Mounsey 15/11/2007 at 11:39 am #

    Online portfolios are a superb idea.
    They look far more professional, they’re impressive, and they are certainly more portable.
    As we face a world where the internet changes everything, and that includes PR, a potential employee would surely relish the opportunity to employee an individual who has not only realised the progression but also embraced the change!
    I for one am already looking into an online portfolio, and I’m looking forward to not having to worry about whether I’ve glued the page down straight!

  3. Richard Bailey 15/11/2007 at 11:54 am #

    What you do online is very visible to employers (who use Google searches). Having an online presence (ie blog, portfolio) can bring you to the attention of an employer. When an Auburn university graduate was hired by Edelman in Washington they did so in part because ‘they already knew her.’ That’s the power of PR!

  4. Katy Marshall 20/11/2007 at 7:38 pm #

    Online portfolios are a fantastic idea. I think it could potentially make it more difficult to ‘stand out from the crowd’ with an online portfolio but equally gives you the opportunity to be much more creative; you aren’t restricted by the limitations of a piece of card or paper. At a time when so much PR is communicated through various different media technology, how good does a CD or DVD stuck in a folder really look anyway?
    Creating an online portfolio doesn’t mean you can’t still have a hard copy in addition. Moving with the times and technology is essential but I also feel having a hard copy looks good, at interviews for example – and employers appreciate it too.

  5. Robert French 06/12/2007 at 6:26 pm #

    Many thanks, Richard! My apologies for being late to this.
    For those that wonder about the value of online portfolios, my experience may be anecdotal (with only my students), but it works. And, we still encourage paper versions of the portfolio, too. This isn’t necessarily a replacement.
    I can point to dozens of students that have written back saying the sites and CD’s they created in class really opened the eyes of employers and internship providers.
    Further, the blogging and other social media activities, if done right and over a long period of time (semesters) will help establish the student as knowledgeable, already.
    As Richard write, “‘they already knew her.’ That’s the power of PR!” … I’ve seen it happen many times.
    Thanks again, Richard. You should know that I always point to you as the “best” of best practice. Take care.

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