In my back yard

3 Nov

Wind_farm_2 This is the view from my front doorstep this morning (click to enlarge image).

I welcomed the plans to build a windfarm nearby, on the edge of the Nidderdale AONB. Who can object to windfarms when the alternatives are more conventional or nuclear powerstations?

But now the first turbine has been constructed I’m surprised that it’s so visible from where I live and from the surrounding countryside. But then windfarms require windy upland locations. I’m hoping that when finished and operational it will add a picturesque focus to the head of the valley.

NIMBYs are easily mocked, but they shouldn’t be dismissed. The National Trust has joined battle over government house building plans in a move that could gain it much support from ‘middle England’. And this is an organisation that already has 3.5 million members. Compare that to Labour Party membership, which appears to be below 200,000.

Windfarn2_2 UPDATE: One week on, the wind farm is emerging on the horizon. Light angelic mills?

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