Returning student visits London and Leeds

26 Oct

Svend_anders Svend Anders Karlsen-Moum writes from Norway, seeking advice and contacts. Can you help?

More than three years after I left the PR course at Leeds Met, I have invited my fellow students at Oslo School of Management to join me in a study-trip during the final year of our Marketing Communication & Brand-building BA course.

Having listened to my former year tutor Richard Bailey and others in the PR business, there simply was no other choice than England when I put the map of Europe in front of me. "London is the European capital of PR," he told me. And so my group of around 30 students are now about to book flights, hotel and other arrangements for September 2008.

Our trip is meant to inspire and motivate, adding experiences for us to bring back home for our final semester and, further on, our working careers. We are flying in to London on a Thursday morning, spending the whole day in the city. Then Leeds awaits in the evening, where we will spend the whole of Friday and Saturday (I have taken a gamble on Leeds United playing at home that day) in the finest city of Yorkshire. We return home on the Sunday.

London has so much to offer, but we need help finding our way round the jungle of PR agencies, brand- and commercial companies and media groups, not forgetting other related insitutions. I expect us to manage between two and four study visits before we get on the train to Leeds – does anyone have any recomendations or invitations?

The possibilites are so many that we aim to set up meetings with companies or individuals that will leave us gobsmacked with admiration, impressions and new perspectives. The question is only who will give us the most value.

With London behind us, Yorkshire awaits. We are not to make visits just for the sake of it and I am sure my female classmates will not thank me if I take away any shopping time once Briggate beckons.Advice is welcome, whether from London or Leeds. Email if you can help or have any questions.

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