Busy for some

29 Aug

There have been some mighty spats and some strong themes doing the rounds while I’ve been away. Here are some of them:

  • Well-known blogger Tom Coates hates press release spam. It’s fallen to Stephen Davies (among others) to stage a defence of PR.
  • Nobull_charnosI hate spam like the next person, until it’s personal and then it’s no longer spam. One news release I welcomed receiving was, interestingly, from Stephen Davies himself. It’s a social media news release. Another was from two recent PR graduates who’ve taken part in a photo shoot with their team (see picture) in support of ‘National Stockings Day’.
  • Senior industry figures have been thinking about the merits of young graduates entering the business. David Byrne, CEO of Weber Shandwick writes:

    We want people with good analytical skills and an understanding of how to make a case. We need people who can actually write – more and more important as PR and the media we deal with change – and we need people with a real interest in the world around them. We increasingly need people with specialist sectoral knowledge as content becomes more important than just contacts.

    And we need people who actually want a career in PR in its many forms, and see it as a profession rather than just a brush with glamour.

    As more kids with socially diverse backgrounds work hard and get good A levels, and more good quality communications-related degrees become available, this will help our business.

  • Meanwhile Edelman’s European President and CEO David Brain advises job seekers to go global in search of valuable experience.

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