24 Apr

We know all about Paull’s blogging world tour that reached a successful ending when he was offered a chance to work in New York.

We’ve heard that Stephen has moved onto his second PR consultancy post within a year of graduating. So it’s appropriate that the one should interview the other on the latest Forward Podcast to talk about student blogs, learning and career ambitions.

Rajiv has organised a social media networking event being held at our university tomorrow, and I hope that our students won’t be so preoccupied with the deadline for portfolio submission so as to miss out on this opportunity.

But we do sometimes focus too much on blogging and social media and tend to forget that the fundamentals don’t change. So I’m pleased to record that one of our non-blogging 2006 graduates is also moving on for a PR role with a major motor manufacturer. Congratulations Emma.

(I’m slow to post this because I’ve been exploring Wild Jordan and because I was given some privileged news that’s now public.)

UPDATE: At today’s successful student-practitioner (social) networking event I learnt this direct from the source. I’d been away and missed out on this further case of ‘blog-a-job.’ Congratulations, Simon. To complete the circle I’m looking forward to hearing Stephen Davies among other speakers at the Don’t Panic conference on crisis communications next month.

6 Responses to “Blog-a-job”

  1. Nigel Bailey 27/04/2007 at 10:50 am #

    I agree with your recent comments about PR, and i feel your wiki is superb

  2. Rajiv Harjai 04/05/2007 at 5:27 pm #

    Blogging does give you a exposure to the outside world. After I started blogging, couple of companies (from Singapore, USA and India) have approached me stating that we have this job opening and if you are interested you can apply for it. They are not giving me the job (I only wish they were), but contacting me is also a very good sign.
    If I wasn’t blogging they would have never heard about me.
    One aspect about blogging which is more important than getting a job is the knowledge you gain about the PR Sphere.

  3. Deborah 09/05/2007 at 9:31 pm #

    I agree that too much focus is placed on blogging and social media. I do have a blog but that is purely because i was forced to do it as part of my PR and technology class.
    I am in a fortunate position in that I have already been offered a graduate job in a successful agency, offered the opportunity to work for a major property developer and have been contacted by another agency. However iw ould like to point out that this is not because of my blog this is because I have worked hard at uni, spent my breaks doing work experience and have had a variety of part time jobs from bar tending to phlebotomy and as a result i now have, what i have been told to be, an impressive CV but furthermore I can back that up when i meet these people through my communication skills.
    I am not saying that bloggins isn’t important I am just meerly pointing out that students should not forget the basics when looking for employment.

  4. Karel Mc Intosh (Trinidad) 11/05/2007 at 9:38 pm #

    I think that knowing about blogs and social media is important. In the business of communications, you can’t really afford to ignore things that are going on in your environment. You don’t have to participate or have a blog, but certainly you should understand the nature of the tool.

  5. Jessica Lieuallen 17/05/2007 at 12:42 am #

    Social media is the wave of the future for PR. I just signed up for my first blog and I am enjoying it. What I don’t like is having to sort through all these blogs. I guess too much info is better than too little!

  6. Jerald 21/05/2007 at 12:20 am #

    Businesss intelligence with strong editorial knowledge and understandings is very essential for a successful planning and executing any corporate PR. So an MBA degree is an advantage in the industry for all.
    Deesha Communications

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