Footloose and purposeful

27 Mar

To some extent it was a traditional backpacker’s trip. But with novel elements. The contacts were virtual friends made through social media. And the objective was to secure a new job.

Paull Young has returned home from his blogging world tour. He’s also gained a job offer from a specialist consultancy in New York where he’ll be working alongside the highly-regarded Constantin Basturea.

Let’s remind ourselves of the personality types needed to effect social epidemics in Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point (a book written before the phenomenon of social media, remember). It’s what Paull’s about…

  1. The connector. ‘Connectors know lots of people. They are the kinds of people who know everyone.’
  2. The maven. ‘The word Maven comes from the Yiddish, and it means one who accumulates knowledge.’
  3. The salesmen. ‘There is a select group of people – salesmen – with the skills to persuade us when we are unconvinced of what we are hearing, and they are critical to the tipping of word-of-mouth epidemics as the other two groups.’

Go forth and multiply in the land of the New Yorker.

One Response to “Footloose and purposeful”

  1. Paull Young 27/03/2007 at 1:10 pm #

    Thanks for the post Richard! I’ve been meaning to read the tipping point for a while, you’ve just added another tome to the reading list ;-).
    Oh, and I’m going to try to hold off multiplying for a little while – it’s hard enough to support myself in Manhattan, let alone a horde of Young PR young ‘uns ;-).

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