Natural selection

22 Mar

I was citing Adam Smith in a lecture by way of introducing the concept of specialisation (this Scottish moral philosopher now appears on £20 notes in England). I wanted to make the connection between specialist skills and knowledge and greater earning potential.

I then alluded to the gender debate that has been livening up PR blogs this week. Then why, I asked, in a female-dominated practice did a recent research study for the CIPR point to a continuing gender pay gap in favour of men in public relations?

Perhaps, suggested a student at the back, it’s because men tend to choose the better-paid specialisms such as financial PR and public affairs over general consumer PR work. Could be.

One Response to “Natural selection”

  1. Katie 23/03/2007 at 11:03 am #

    In my limited opinion (as you know there are a limited number of boys on the course) it is not so much to do with the field of PR they want to go into at university- all the boys I know want to do sports pr and all the girls consumer/celebrity.

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