Green shoots

14 Mar

Richard Edelman notes that PR is gaining ground in the marketing mix, an argument reviewed and challenged by Marcel Goldstein. (Both write in follow-up to Alan Gottesman’s article From Boom to Bust and Back Again in AdWeek.)

Here’s what it looks like from my observation turret close to the front line between students and careers in PR… I’m hearing some good news from individuals in terms of graduate recruitment, and I’m learning of more and more placement and graduate career opportunities (I’ve just added several more to my wiki page.)

My own journey through the boom and bust era Gottesman is describing was not an obvious one. I left a growing PR consultancy in 1993 to go freelance (he has the long boom for PR consutlancy work starting in 1994). I then largely exited technology consultancy by 1998 for work in training and education, thus depriving myself of two more boom years. Of course, I was then in a better position to survive the downturn, but what do business schools teach about risks and rewards?

2 Responses to “Green shoots”

  1. Adam Lewis 14/03/2007 at 3:23 pm #

    I think/hope any business school worth it’s salt should ready post-graduates for probable set backs that they will inevitably confront in some time within their professional lives. But I suppose the best way to learn is to gain first hand experience of the workplace by going out on work placements.

  2. Junie Liew 16/03/2007 at 6:36 am #

    From my personal experience, the placement program for PR students is actually a great way to inculcate students about the real world, the real life, priceless experience of the PR industry.

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