Browser beware

17 Jul

According to children’s charity NCH, a third of children use blogs and social networking sites (reported on BBC Online).

Clearly, the charity is concerned with the safety implications of this. For me, the implication is that many (perhaps even most) of our new students will have some blogging and social media skills when they begin their university courses. That’s why I felt it important to publish some blogging guidelines.

One Response to “Browser beware”

  1. David Phillips FCIPR 19/07/2006 at 10:44 am #

    It is interesting how much a new generation know of the Internet. The Shel Holtz interview with his daughter identified how many IM windows are open when she does her homework. In the UK, my 14 year old niece says she has three or four open when doing homework as well.
    She is aware of BeBo and Myspace (and has a presence) and uses Wikipedia.
    The challenge now is that the knowledge available on line gives our students a lot of information that an older generation might not even know how to access.

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