Finding me

7 Jul

Perhaps I’m odd. I prefer obscurity to celebrity. I enjoy the anonymity of cities and the solitude of country walks. Yet I maintain my membership of the CIPR because I think it’s an important statement, and because it means my contact details are available to all other members. And this blog is in part about Google juice (it brings me in at fourth place in a global search on my name).

I had thought this might be enough to help an amateur sleuth find me (there’s even a photo on this screen to help with identification). So it’s worth reporting that a letter I sent to PR Week elicited an invitation to a reunion from the consultancy that gave me my first job in PR (they’ve since gone through more name changes than me).

Logic tells us to move beyond our obsession with print publications; yet emotion keeps drawing people back to the power of print. (Ironically, the gist of my letter was to treat bloggers as people, not as media.)

One Response to “Finding me”

  1. Ellee Seymour 07/07/2006 at 4:48 pm #

    Yes, I made a presentation about the power of Google juice earlier today. Because I have a more unusual name, I come in about 100 times. Even my clients are discovered via my blog when people Google them, it is such a powerful tool.

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