Advice for life

25 Jun

There’s so much good advice for new PR practitioners posted on blogs, and even a few sites dedicated to just this purpose. There’s even some trenchant criticism of PR graduates. I welcome it all and find that it helps to keep my teaching grounded.

Karen Russell sounds surprised by some of this criticism and links to a helpful ‘seven habits’ opinion piece written for PR graduates. It reminded me of something, so I re-read If by Rudyard Kipling. You need to update his masculine Victorian imperialism into the much more feminised world of the twenty-first century workplace – but it remains the best of its genre and surprisingly appropriate to the challenges of a job in public relations.

2 Responses to “Advice for life”

  1. Alexandra Pullin 26/06/2006 at 9:35 pm #

    Ha ha – I wonder whether Kipling would be amused to know that one of his most famous teachings of what it is to be a man is so very apt to an industry that has so many women in it?

  2. Richard Millington 29/06/2006 at 9:04 am #

    I find myself in the position at the moment where I began an Event Management and Marketing Management degree in Sept 04, then ended up in a PR placement (beginning this February) and I am now enjoying it so much that I want to change to a PR degree.
    Yet should i bother? How important a degree to entering the profession? So I have a big decision to make and will be following these discussions closely.

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