Press gang: PR jobs

20 Jun

UkpgSell out or sign of the times? (Or perhaps just an unfortunate snapshot). But today’s highlighted jobs on UK Press Gazette are, as you can see, PR jobs. Or rather, media relations jobs.

There’s nothing new in experienced journalists preferring the better pay and prospects in PR (I recall thinking PR was ‘money for old rope’ way back when; I now know how wrong this assumption was). But are we reaching a point when PR and corporate communications might be the only alternative to a risky life as a freelance writer? If so, is journalism the best training for a career in PR? What do PR degrees offer over and above journalism and media relations?

2 Responses to “Press gang: PR jobs”

  1. Michael 21/06/2006 at 1:18 pm #

    Hi Richard. I’d like to see where this thread leads. I’m a journalist for a major news agency and am thinking about making the jump to PR. But I’m wondering exactly how to go about it. I’ve got a strong resume and experience. I’ve I’ve got 10-years worth of deep contacts in the business and political elite of my region and I have been the leading opinion-forming force among my peers in the last two countries I’ve worked in. So I’ve got the skills. But I have no background in PR operations (for example I’ve never seen project management software and have little idea on how to go about commissioning billboards). How important is that aspect of the job, and should I really be worrying about it? Or should I just leverage my experience and learn the rest on the fly?

  2. Richard Bailey 21/06/2006 at 3:10 pm #

    One of my points was that there now appear to be more jobs (and better paid jobs) in PR than in journalism. (It’s a route I and many thousands of others have travelled in recent decades).
    Another point I raised only today was the importance employers & clients place on writing skills.
    So there are many entry level jobs in PR for people with media experience and writing skills. But at senior level there are other challenges and requirements of PR roles.
    Would I advise you to study for this? I have a self-interest in saying ‘yes’. Would I encourage you, with ten years’ experience, to enter PR and learn for yourself… ‘yes, of course’.

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