PR profession and social media

30 Apr

I frequently question the value of the PR professional bodies. Not for my own part, as I find the information (publications, website, member database) and professional network and association invaluable. But because I need to persuade PR students that it benefits them too.

One concern is that membership bodies are notoriously slow to innovate. The UK’s CIPR developed an award-wining website. That’s good, but it’s so web 1.0. Meanwhile, in Australia, Paull Young (a PR high flyer) has been discussing in public his concerns over the PRIA and social media. In the US, innovations like Forward take place without reference to professional bodies. (It sometimes seems a badge of honour to proclaim independence from the PRSA.) Internationally, Holtz and Hobson appear more comfortable in the IABC than in their national PR bodies.

I learn from another member who blogs (how else?) that the CIPR president is about to launch his blog. Why the delay? Here’s my advice for the CIPR from a friendly member: pay an active practitioner-blogger for some consultancy. (I propose Stuart Bruce MCIPR). Involve a thinker-innovator in podcasting and other social media initiatives. (I recommend David Phillips FCIPR). Problem is, who’s listening?

3 Responses to “PR profession and social media”

  1. Philip Young 30/04/2006 at 10:38 am #

    I would wholeheartedly endorse your nominations, Richard.

  2. Paull Young 30/04/2006 at 2:07 pm #

    I firmly believe that the professional body for our industry should be exhibiting best practice in everything it does.
    What does it say about our profession if the official ‘face’ of PR online is behind the times?
    In saying that though – I don’t want to be seen to be throwing stones from the outside.
    I’ll be joining the PRIA as soon as I can pull together the dollars.
    I believe in our profession, and I believe in the goals of our various professional associations.
    I just want to see them standing tall as icons of best PR practice…

  3. Simon Collister 01/05/2006 at 12:06 pm #

    I have always felt that PR has lagged behind in terms of its own PR. When I was last job searching – just after the IPR became the CIPR – I was amazed just how many company websites displayed the old IPR logo… something so easy and quick to remedy.
    Good timing for the post too… as the same questions as paull are also being asked over at the CIPR website:

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