Bailey’s done well

24 Apr

PR Week (21 April) reports that Imogen Bailey is joining Skype in a comms role. She’s no relation, so what’s the connection?

I hired Imogen to her first PR job when she was a new graduate in the early 1990s. (Sarah Howe used to tease me by telling friendly clients that Imogen was my daughter.) Since then, she’s gone on to greater things in the technology sector with Cisco, Edelman and, now, Skype.

This was around the time when I started to move in the direction of people development, training and education. It’s still what motivates me most, and why I’m happy to be a contributor to Forward where I write about jobs in public relations and trace the career journeys of PR graduates.

2 Responses to “Bailey’s done well”

  1. Ellee Seymour 27/04/2006 at 5:19 pm #

    It’s nice to hear a good success story, she must be a chip off the old block.
    I’m going to help your other name sake with some election campaigning at the weekend, having met through blogsphere.
    Isn’t it great meeting people this way!

  2. Sarah Howe 22/06/2006 at 12:31 pm #

    Hi Richard (Dad) – I’m still a terrible tease! And you still look old enough to be Imogen’s dad! Sarah xx

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