A student’s manifesto

20 Apr

Erin’s smart (she may still be a student, but she’s my editor at Forward):

I think new PR professionals definitely need to grasp the idea that information and knowledge isn’t always going to be spoon fed to them. They need to go in search of knowledge. They need to read and research and find what really interests them and pursue it with genuine and thoughtful curiosity. Also, it’s important to really dive into and look deeply at trends, issues and new tools in PR – but never lose site [sic] of the big picture.

I’ll give another word of advice. By all means show respect to people who are older and supposedly wiser (such as lecturers and bosses) but never assume that they have all the answers. You’re capable of grasping the answers, as you suggest in this quotation.

UPDATE (25 April): I told you Erin was smart; others think so too. She’s been appointed to Edelman’s Washington office.

One Response to “A student’s manifesto”

  1. PR Agency India 21/04/2006 at 4:07 pm #

    Right, you are.
    Indeed, our seniors deserve their due respect but then again, we have to search for the answers that we seek. It’s truer for this generation than ever before considering the penetration of technology and its influence on every sphere of life!

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