Boys prefer bangs to bodies

13 Mar

This isn’t an example of improbable research. Sadly, it’s just too probable. Researchers at the University of Leeds working for the Oslo-based Relevance of Science Education found that boys’ scientific preferences were for:

  1. Explosive chemicals
  2. How it feels to be weightless in space
  3. How the atom bomb functions

Girls preferred:

  1. Why we dream
  2. What we know about cancer
  3. How to perform first aid

I’ll add one thought to this. PR is not alone in its feminisation. The majority of medical students are female (though this is more because girls outperform boys at A level than because they’re interested in dreams, diseases and health).

Reported by the BBC and The Independent.

One Response to “Boys prefer bangs to bodies”

  1. Alexandra Pullin 13/03/2006 at 5:29 pm #

    The feminisation of the medical profession can perhaps be explained by their better bedside manner? In todays world of libel and lawsuits, the fact that women want to help and care for their patients(with cancer and things no less) rather than blow them up, women are becoming more sucessful than men in medicine due to the better utilisation of their communication skills. Ie the ability to soothe through chat.
    Also historically weren’t there always loads of women in medicine – they just couldn’t be doctors?

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