Good pitch, bad PR

22 Feb

Hard on the heels of the Bad Pitch Blog come the Bad Hack Blog and Good Pitch Blog. I wish them well, though I fear they’ll both prove to be a hard slog blog.

This is because the old adage is true: we learn from our mistakes. But also because life’s more complex than the good-bad dichotomy suggests.

We’ve all been there. Your creative research makes impressive news cuttings. Yet the name of the sponsor/client is left off by the reporter as not being essential to the story. Good PR or bad publicity? The client’s not happy, but you gave a journalist a story they could use. It’s time for expectation management, and a robust defence of press freedom. You live therefore you learn.

UPDATE: Robert writes about a similar experience from his university: good stunt, bad press.

One Response to “Good pitch, bad PR”

  1. Kevin Dugan 23/02/2006 at 11:32 am #

    Richard – Your point on expectaction management is excellent and something we’ll ultimately get into at Bad Pitch. In fact, we link to a presentation on media relations that looks at the entire lifecycle of a pitch. You know there is a lot of work before the pitch and after the reporter expresses interest in doing a story…most of the work in fact.
    Our resource is designed to entertain and educate, but will by no means be exhaustive. Mike Manuel jests that someone should create a Mediocre pitch blog (I call it the slack pitch blog).
    We need all the help we can get so it is good to see others contributing. Would love for you to stop by and join in or send along some pitches good or bad for our use.

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