The fall of spin?

15 Jan

I’m not yet convinced, just hopeful. The Observer proclaims the fall of the Hollywood spin-doctors on the back of an honest celebrity interview in Vanity Fair (good publicity for the glossy magazine, note). The availability of unbiddable gossip weblogs such as Gawker is another factor cited. Peter Himler has more on this at The Flack.

One Response to “The fall of spin?”

  1. scott 18/01/2006 at 5:57 pm #

    Might be nice, but I’m not buying it … Tom went back to a traditional publicist after getting burned by letting it all hang out. And LinLo obviously has regrets. I think as the public’s obsession with celebrities continues to increase exponentially, the job security of Hollywood publicists will only grow as well. And you’ll see more, not fewer, outlets like OK!, which give publicists complete control in return for greater access.

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