PR – or publicity?

27 Sep

Question: which PR person was profiled on the front page of a UK Sunday newspaper review section? Answer: Pat Kingley, ‘in many respects the most powerful woman in Hollywood’.

As gatekeeper to so many celebrities, she exerts control over the media that would be very damaging if she worked in corporate relations or public affairs. But it’s movies (a make-believe world), so her power doesn’t raise many eyebrows.

She’ll demand that her stars appear on the covers of magazines or not at all, that they have the right of veto over writers and photographers, that they get copy approval… She is rumoured to have have said to one editor: ‘Why do you get to decide who goes on your cover?’

I’ve been carrying the newspaper around since Sunday, so here, belatedly, is the link from The Observer on Sunday 25 September.

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