The right mix

16 Sep

Paper is portable, it’s tangible and it feels permanent (though it’s not). And my students are thrilled to see their bylines in a full colour magazine. Blogs are instant, they’re interactive and they have a wider reach; articles are also more readily archived and searchable.

The balance of paper and digital media is a challenging one for all publishers to manage. The CIPR’s member magazine, Profile, now has a complementary online presence which brings some old articles out of the shadows (I’ve contributed a few book reviews). The PR student magazine, Behind the Spin, is just going to print. We will be publishing many of these articles on the Behind the Spin blog in the coming weeks.

One Response to “The right mix”

  1. Scott 22/09/2005 at 5:39 am #

    Paper’s not permanent!?? But what about my garage full of old clippings? What’s next on this blog of yours — no Santa? 😉

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