Students, citizens, practitioners

15 Jun

One further reflection on the two posts below: in reality, there isn’t such a sharp division between students and practitioners. I teach many PR managers who have chosen to study for the CIPR Diploma professional qualification after many years of work experience.

Another example of this is Matt Foster. He works at the BBC, he’s studying for an MSc in Corporate Communication and his intelligent weblog about the colliding worlds of corporate communications, journalism and the public is at CitizenSpin.

2 Responses to “Students, citizens, practitioners”

  1. Marketing Technology 22/06/2005 at 10:02 am #

    CIPR research project on corporate weblogs

    Tim Jackson, a CIPR diplome student, sent me a copy of the final report he submitted. Titled How are corporate weblogs affecting public relations practice? it seeks “to examine corporate blogging from a public relations perspective”, and does so rather…

  2. PR Studies: Students, citizens, practitioners

    Link: PR Studies: Students, citizens, practitioners.

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