Business of blogs

1 Apr

The only surprising thing about this article on blogging in The (London) Times is that it appears in the business section since it’s only partly concerned with commercial matters (Drudge and Lewinsky was first of all a great scoop).

Trevor Cook is concerned about the ethics of sponsored blogging. The simple advice is that authors should put their names to their posts and indicate their affiliations (as on this site). Otherwise blogs add yet more noise to an overcluttered public space and take too much time to check for credibility. Tom Murphy writes about the problem of clutter when reviewing what technology means for public relations.

One Response to “Business of blogs”

  1. Scott Baradell 05/04/2005 at 4:19 am #

    Most of these issues, like sponsored blogging and clutter, will work themselves out soon enough — I’d say within three or four years. Remember when everyone said that the Internet itself was fundamentally nonhierarchical, etc.? A hierarchy obviously emerged, from search engines on down. The same will happen (is happening already) with blogs.

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