Bland in name only

7 Mar

Michael Bland’s latest book When it hits the fan is in the abbreviated, checklist style favoured by business executives. To this extent it’s not his best written work – but as the author or co-author of 13 texts on public relations and communications I’ve long felt he’s the best writer on the subject we have.

This is not an academic book (there are no sources and no hints at further reading); nor is it aimed principally at the PR practitioner who will already know something of the importance of crisis preparedness. This book is written for managers, and it may teach them to value PR advice.

The opening section grabs our attention. We are given some real life case histories (with the names removed) and offered three options on how to handle the crisis. The author then steps in with a commentary on what happened in real life, and which of the options was the better choice. It’s a compelling opening to another valuable book from Michael Bland (and this section is freely available in pdf format).

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